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The Wrap Wand is designed to lay vinyl into tight crevices and scoring before razor-cutting body seams. Perfect for lifting edges and working in tight radiuses such as door handles

Made from durable plastic, its ergonomic design allows for a firm grip and precision usage. It features a built-in Cling™ magnet to adhere to any metal surface.

3M Approved Installation Tool

US PATENT D795,663

Magnetic fields can scramble a credit card's magnetic strip when in direct contact. To avoid this, keep all magnets at least 24 inches away from all credit, debit, rewards, and gift cards with a magnetic strip. Geek Wraps Wrap Wands are laser cut from an existing common tool from a different industry. While you may notice varying amounts of cosmetic imperfection from the laser-cut, this does not affect the tool's overall use.

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