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This handy pouch is made from premium rugged saddle cowhide with polypropylene pockets and heavy-duty elastic tool-capture cuffs. It features the brand-new Razor Blade Disposal Capsule.

Also included, is the magnetic EZ Wrap Belt Sleeve Tether with three matching polarity Power Slam Magnets sewn in makes it easier to carry the pouch on your waist and detach on the fly to conveniently adhere the pouch elsewhere.

The pouch will slip easily onto your belt or with the three sewn-in Power Slam Magnets that can attach to a vehicle or any metal object in close proximity to your work area while holding up to a whopping 12 pounds securely.

Pack it with your own tools and take advantage of all the features the EZ Wrap Pouch has to offer, featuring:

  • (12) Heavy-duty elastic tool-capture cuffs
  • (1) Heavy-duty elastic loop for the Razor Blade Disposal Capsule
  • (1)  Large pouch holds squeegees and your other favorite hand wrap tools
  • (1) Top pouch for holding additional squeegees or cell phone
  • (3) Additional elastic tool-capture cuffs for holding detail squeegees

The EZ Wrap Pouch comes with:

  • (1) Razor Blade Disposal Capsule
  • (1) EZ Wrap Belt Sleeve Tether

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