STEK-Smart-Series-5-60" Roll


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Fashionable and unfading, our ACTION series of window films boasts nano-carbon technology that provides unparalleled heat rejection. Free of metal layers, it also guarantees zero signal interference with your electronic devices.

Heat reduction & UV protection
The ACTION series offers a maximum Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) of 55% as well as a 99% UV rejection rate, keeping your vehicle’s interior cool and fade-free.

Signal freedom
The ACTION series is a non-metalized film made with 100% nano-carbon material, ensuring full connectivity on your GPS, cell phone, and other electronic devices.

The ACTION series blocks up to 95% of visible light inside your vehicle, maximizing passenger privacy.

Follow local laws where applicable.

Clarity, haze, & glare reduction
The ACTION series' nano-carbon technology provides excellent clarity and dramatically reduces sun glare, ensuring a distraction-free drive.

Lifetime Warranty
If installed by an authorized STEK Automotive installer or dealer, our ACTION series offers a limited lifetime warranty against fading to purple. See the warranty card or contact STEK Automotive for further details.

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